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From Trash to Treasure

on December 3, 2012

Driving home from the dog park yesterday I spotted a great solution for storing my yarn, check in out:

Shoe Cubby

Someone was throwing out this awesome shoe rack and (even though it was next to a recycling bin) I could totally envision filling up the 25 cubbies with my yarn.  OOoh, I am pictureing how bright and colorful the sock yarns in my stash would transform this little shelf.  Not sure if I’d arrange it by yarn brand or by color families, but I know it will look FIERCE!

Plus, this will be a big improvement on my current storage situation which are some plastic bins.  I know better, I do.  I know that keeping yarn in air tight plastic bins eventually could cause some moisture problems, but I think I would rather risk that then bugs having an all-you-can-eat-buffet out of my beautiful fiber.   Thankfully, I haven’t had any issues with that (knock on wood) so I stick with it-  especially in this  house that we moved into, where we have stink bugs and spiders coming inside for the winter.

Now, my husband, being the supportive man that he is, loaded the shoe shelf  into the car and dried it off for me (it rained a bit yesterday).  The wood that forms the frame is a bit wobbly, so he is going to embrace his inner handy-man and build a new box for the cubbies.  I amexcited to see the transformation, but sad that I have to wait until Christmas to start using it.


One response to “From Trash to Treasure

  1. […] craft closet.  I have the shoe organizer that when I set it up in Virginia made me feel like I had my own personal little LYS – I should put that back to use.  I have the two bookcases that I used at our old apartment […]


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