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Giving Knitting Purpose to Everyday Objects

on December 6, 2012

Ok, so my last post I showed you a shoe cubby that I plan to use to organize my yarn.  And so I wanted to open the forum to see what other everyday objects are people out there using for crafty purposes.  Here are some of the things that I use myself or have seen other knitters use:

  1. Over-the-door Shoe Organizers: Another great way to store your yarn so that it is visible – I guess just about any way you can organize shoes, you can use to organize yarn
  2. Make-up bags: just about any little make-up bag pouch can be used to carry crafty supplies.  A friend from California used a roll intended for brushes to keep her crochet hooks
  3. Suit cases: I have an old Samsonite hat box that I use to hold all of the many smaller bags of crafty supplies.  Also, the handle of my carry on just broke and though my first thought was to throw it away, I realized that it would be a great place to store my yarn
  4. Dental Floss Case: Once you have used up your dental floss keep the little plastic case, the compartment that held the floss is great for holding stitch markers and you have a thread cutter that can easily go with you on the airplane
  5. Bread Bag Ties: This is another trick that I picked up from my California Knitting Group, they make great yarn bobbins.  They might be too small for Intarsia purposes, but it certainly is great for holding the tail end of your yarn in place
  6. Pantyhose: The ladies in my SoCal Knitting group are great innovators, some used cut-up pantyhose to hold their center pull balls of yarn, which kept it tightly packaged and protected from tangles.

    I don't think the Surgeon General really needs to warn us about cable needles

    I don’t think the Surgeon General really needs to warn us about cable needles

  7. Pencil Erasers: With the smaller sized needles (2 or smaller), you can use erasers as tip protectors
  8. Cigar Tubes: If you wash away the smell thoroughly, you can store your DPNs and/or cable needles in there
  9. Packaging  Bags of Linen Items: Next time you buy new curtains, sofa cover, duvet, towels, bed sheets, pillow shams, etc keep the zippered bags.  They are great for carrying a small project, which can protect it from a spilled drink at the table or a quick run through the rain to get inside the LYS
  10. And there are a ton of small, round, and clip-on items that can be used as stitch markers, including:
    • Rings
    • Earrings
    • Electric Toothbrush Markers
    • Safety Pins
    • Wine Glass Charms
    • Paper clips
    • Keychains

These are just a few things that I use, what everyday object do you use for knitting purposes?


One response to “Giving Knitting Purpose to Everyday Objects

  1. Katie Vassalli says:

    Proof that you have to be clever to be crafty…I didn’t even know that dental floss cases existed! 😀


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