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Upcoming Fiber Festivals!!

I am looking forward to going to two upcoming fiber festivals: The Powhatan Fiber Festival and the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival.

This Saturday, April 27th, is the Powhatan Festival, a small local festival here in Virginia.  I have never been, but found out about it from my knitting group.  It sounds like its going to be really great, the vendors appear to be small local dyers and spinners.  That means I am going to come across a lot of unique one-of-a-kind yarns!  Which means I either have to go with a pattern in mind or be prepared to find one skein patterns that will work with whatever I might buy.

Then on the first weekend of May is the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival! With the exception of last year when I was living in California, I have been going to this mecca for yarn lovers since 2005 and I am excited to go back.  I am hoping to meet up with some friends from Philadelphia there, since I am very familiar with so many of the vendors.  A lot of them are LYS from around the East Coast, but there are some specialty booths around too – like the Signature Needles and the Flameworked Glass Needles that I mentioned a  post or two ago.

I am hoping that attending these two fiber festivals will pull me out of my knitting slump, this has never gone on for so long before.  I am still only knitting during my knit nights.  I need to soak up some powerful and positive yarny vibes, I need to re-energize my knitting mojo, I need to get my fiber groove back.

Regardless, I promise to share with you guys all of the exciting beauty at these Fiber Festivals and if you plan on being there look for me! 🙂

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Knitting Slump :-(

Humph, I am starting to think that crocheting during the month of March might have been a bad idea as I am now dealing with a knitting dry spell.  I did complete the crochet purse pattern, but I still need to do the finishing touches like blocking, adding the handles, and inserting a lining.  I have about six different projects on my needles and the only time I really work on any of them is at my Thursday night knitting group.  Thank goodness for knitting circles, the atmosphere is contagious and I sometimes come back and knit for an additional day or two afterwards.  But during most of the week I am still not knitting.  I gotta get over this and get my knitting mojo back.

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