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Powhatan’s Festival of Fiber 2013

The first Powhatan Festival of Fiber was held on April 27th this year and I was happy to attend.  It was relatively small, but given the fact that it was its first year it had a lot of great vendors.  That was one of the advantages of going to such a brand spanking new fiber festival; you come across beautiful new yarn that you didn’t even new existed!

One of my favorite stalls to visit and revisit during the few hours i was there was the Fair Hare Rabbitry.  They actually had live English Angora rabbits for sale!  They were so soft and fluffy to pet, that I wanted to take one home with me.  My husband had to talk me out of that idea because the dog would not do well with that addition.  But at least we can see the Rabbitry’s “inventory” on their live Bunny Webcam – how neat is that?!?

One of the most colorful booths I saw belonged to a small independent dyer called the Unplanned Peacock Studio.  One of the ladies and my current knit group mentioned that was the booth she wanted to go to the most because she loves the colors and the yarn.  I can vouch for the colors, they are as vivid and as beautiful as you would expect from a dyer that references a peacock in her studio’s name. 

As much as I wanted to take a few skeins home with me, I only went to ogle at the stuff for sale as I didn’t really have any cash to spend.  Luckily,  I got something better for free and that was an impromptu lesson on spinning!  I have tried to teach myself how to spin my own yarn off of books and YouTube videos, but there is nothing better than a hands on experience with someone who knows what they are doing!  I tracked down the tent where a local group of spinners were hanging out promoting their craft and started asking some questions.  Next thing I know I was asked to pull up chair, given a spindle and some roving and the lesson had begun! Awesome!  I did pretty well under the tutelage of the enabler, my yarn was coming out incredibly thin and hardly breaking. Of course that all changed one I tried it on my own at home, but I am still learning so I know I just have to keep at it.

Overall, I enjoyed the Powhatan Fiber Festival and would recommend it to anyone that wants to discover independent dyers and local farms.  It has everything your large size fiber festival has: sheep shearing demonstrations, sheep dog demonstrations, deliciously fatty festival foods, beautiful fiber, great notions, and people that live for the love of yarn.

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