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Tip About Superwash Yarns

The great thing about knitting is that you are always learning something when you start a project.  Sometimes its a different cast on, often is a new stitch, and occasionally the designer will drop a little knitting knowledge on you that you had no idea.  Today’s tip is (unofficially) brought to you by Cascade Yarns, because I found it in one of their free patterns that I am currently working on.

My WIP is the Pretty Mallory Sweater designed by Vera Sanon, and here is the tip she shared with those making her design:

Pattern Notes:
When working with yarn that is superwash, please keep in mind that the finished fabric will
grow in length when washed. Thus, when deciding on the desired length of the sleeves and
body of garment, simply multiply the knitted length (before washing) by 1.17 to get the
blocked (washed) length. For example, if the pre- blocked length of the sweater is 22”, multiply 22” x 1.17 = 25 ¾”. This will be the length of the washed sweater.

I never knew that about superwash yarns!  I don’t know if this comes as a surprise to you, but it was for me.  Of course, these specific measurements might only apply to the Cascade Yarn brand, other superwash yarns might be slightly different, but it is certainly something that is worth keeping in mind.

In other news, I am sad to say that one of my Knitting Gurus has passed away this week.  She was a very lively, outspoken woman and a brilliant, masterful knitter.  There was never a time that when she joined our knitting circle out in California that I didn’t learn something from her, she had a lifetime of knitting knowledge and was happy to share it.  In the short year that I knew her, I often went to her for advice, not just for knitting but also for other life situations which she helped put in perspective for me.   She inspired me to further my knitting curiosity, encouraged me to pursue my passion, and I am forever grateful to have known her.  To her family and all my friends out in California my thoughts are with you even if I am not.

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