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Off Topic: Miscellaneous Crafts for the Nursery

on October 5, 2013

Generally speaking my crafting abilities are somewhat limited to yarny goodness, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t occasionally venture out to try something new.   This has become especially true since I have gone down the Pinterest rabbit hole – I never thought another site would allow me to waste away the day as much as Ravelry, but I was wrong.  (FYI If you want to follow me there, my user name is also Procrastaknit)

I have especially spent a lot of time looking for non-permanent ways in which to decorate our nursery.  As much as I would loooooove to paint the walls of our rented apartment I know I’d hate to paint it over it whenever we decided to move out.  So I am settling for the smaller crafty projects and that’s what I wanted to show you.

The first Pin that I found and loved was turning a birdhouse into a little night light (Click here for the link to the blogger that has that tutorial).  But did I mention that the theme of my nursery is Super Mario Brothers?  So I while browsing the aisles at Michael’s one day I was so happy to find one shaped like a little castle just like the one at the end of every Super Mario stage.  I bought it, painted it and got two key characters from of to put on top.   My husband was also pretty happy about the look and even wanted to get involved with this project, so he got the light kit from Lowes and drilled the holes needed to install it.  Here is how our collaboration came out:

I bought the two little figurines from Amazon and glued them down tot he top

I bought the two little figurines from Amazon and glued them down to the top

Husbands are always happy to help with a craft project if they can use a power tool

Husbands are always happy to help with a craft project if they can use a power tool

The next project idea I am not sure if I found it on Pinterest or just off of a Google image search while prepping some of the decorations for the nursery.  I don’t have a tutorial pinned in any of my boards, so I had to improvise to recreate the framed cameo portraits of Princess Peach and Super Mario that I had found on my web search.   I can’t take credit for coming up with this idea, but I would like to contribute to the crafty community, so here is what I did:

Super Mario & Princess Peach Framed Cameos

Super Mario & Princess Peach Framed Cameos


  • 1 Sheet of Black Felt Paper – got mine at Michael’s for mere pennies.  Plain cardboard or foam paper would also work for this project.
  • 8×10 Photo Frame (or larger), one for each character – got mine at the dollar store and I’m OK with that
  • Pins
  •  Scissors

Step 1: Do a web search for the character of your choice in a profile position

Step 2: If it’s a small picture enlarge it to fit it into a regular sheet of paper.  I copied and pasted the image I found onto Microsoft Paint, cropped out Mario’s head from his body, pasted it onto a new document and enlarged it.  Then I did the same with Princess Peach.

Step 3:   Print out the enlarged heads and cut out the shape of it.  Don’t worry if the enlarged image is blurried or too pixilated, you don’t need the fine details just a general idea of the shape.

Step 4: Use your pins to hold your paper cut out onto the felt paper in place.

Step 5: Cut out the felt sheet of paper by following the outline of the character print out.

Step 6: Remove back from frame and center the felt cameo onto it giving it an equal amount of white space around the figure.  Flip the cheesey family photo that came with the frame onto the white side (or just grab a piece of paper from your printer) place it over the cameo and then reattach the back of the frame.

Step 7: Step back and admire your ability to be crafty and then go hang it on the wall. 🙂

Optional Ideas:

Instead of just the plain white, you can get a different color sheet of paper or a mat (if you have a larger frame) and use it as the background color.  I thought about making the Mario’s background red and the Princess’ background pink, but in the end I thought that the more classic look would be best.

Similarly to the background a different color frame would be another great way to better identify the characters.

Adding a ribbon or a lace border would definitely make it cuter.  I considered using a lacy ribbon around the edge of the Princess’ frame, but I didn’t think that would go over well with the hubby.  Plus, I am a Libra, I prefer for things to be uniformed and balanced.


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