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Off Topic: The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers

on October 25, 2013

TiggerHere is another random little craft project I’ve made, this one is for my friend’s Winnie the Pooh themed nursery.  I am loving Pinterest more and more everyday; I found the tutorial for this project there from another blogger: This Lil Piglet.  It was very easy and a lot of fun to make, but I should not pick up painting as a hobby, I have a weird tendency to obsess over the details which is very uncharacteristic for me.

I got the image of Tigger (my personal favorite character) from a book I bought at Goodwill.  The other materials I bought from a major craft store: small canvas, two bottles of acrylic paint, and some paint brushes.  I did not buy a bottle of mod podge as recommended by the tutorial.  Instead I made my own because it was for just one quick project.  Doing a quick web search and all you need to make your own mod podge is some white glue and half the amount of water – easy.  I diluted the orange paint in order to give it a water color feel to it, I didn’t want straight edges.  For the black stripes I just winged it as best I could.  And though you can’t see it from the photo the  sides of the canvas are also painted with the orange and the black of each stripe so as not to stay white.

I hope my friend likes this gift for her little girl because Tiggers are wonderful things! 🙂


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