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Fresh Off The Needles: Baby Hats

Don’t you just love instant gratification projects? I do, and baby hats are some of the best things to knit for that purpose!  These were finished in less than 2 days, but if I had the time it could’ve done in one sitting.

The gray and white hat is knit with the left over yarn from my Sandpiper Cowl, which is why the earflaps are mismatched.  Usually I would refuse to use a hand wash only yarn for baby projects, but it was so soft that I did not want to let it sit at the bottom of my stash.   Plus, this hat is going to be for my baby boy, it won’t go to a non-knitter who doesn’t understand the importance of hand washing a handmade gift or to another knitter who would think I am out of my mind to knit something in alpaca & cashmere.

That pattern is Aviatrix by Justine Turner and the other hat is Little Flower by Ewelina Murach, both are free downloads on Ravelry.  The Little Flower hat is for a friend who is having a baby girl next month, actually she’s the one that taught me to knit back in high school.  It was nice to do something a little girly.

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Off Topic: Glow-in-the-Dark Star Power Mobile

Here is another Super Mario craft I made for our nursery:

Glow-in-the-Dark Star Power Mobile

Glow-in-the-Dark Star Power Mobile

This was another project inspired by Pinterest, which has a TON of different tutorials on how to create a mobile no matter what your decor.  I had a few pinned to a board and kinda worked off of them, but essentially came up with my own set up.

Materials Needed

Materials Needed

Here are the materials I used for this project:

  1. One Packet of Glow-in-the-Dark Stars
  2. Black Acrylic Paint
  3. Thin Paintbrush
  4. Small Wire Wreath
  5. 2 Spools of Ribons, 1 White & 1 Red (not pictured)
  6. E-6000 Glue (not pictured)

Notes about the materials:

  • If you’re confident in the steadiness of your hands, a Black Sharpie Marker might be an easier way to draw on the eyes.  I found that the acrylic paint made it easy to wipe down with just a little water and paper towel if there was a smudge.
  • Originally, I was going to add a small white dot to the bottom of they eyes to look more like Power Star in the video game, but didn’t like how it came out.
  • In the photo are two Wire Wreaths (found in the flower department of most craft stores), I had thought to make it a two tiered mobile, but found that I didn’t have enough stars to fill it all up, so I ended up using just the small one.
  • The fumes of the E-6000 Glue were way more powerful than I could have anticipated.  I wore a mask and had to keep it outside for a few hours to defuse the smell.  To avoid any headaches and other side effects, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you use something else (i.e. a glue gun) to adhere the stars together.


  1. Match up as many of the same size stars into pairs.  I did not use the smallest sized stars because I found them too tiny to paint on the eyes
  2. Paint the eyes, just two simple straight line
  3. Cut the white ribbon at the same length for each sized star.  I had three sizes, the largest star that hangs in the middle had the longest ribbon so it could be balanced.
  4. Sandwich one end of each white ribbon between two stars with some glue, let it sit and dry as needed.
  5. Weave the red ribbon under and over all around the wire wreath.
  6. Double, Triple, or Quadruple tie the white ribbons with the stars onto the wire wreath evenly spaced out.  I chose to have them hang at the same length, but you can have them hang at different lengths.
  7. With the left over red ribbon, cut it into three different pieces and tie them the outer rim of the wreath (creating a pyramid look), they must be evenly spaced out and the same length for it to be balanced.
  8. Tie the three ends together along with the longest white ribbon that holds the largest star
  9. Hang it at desired height over crib or changing table.  We simply used a thumbtack to hold it in place on the ceiling centered over the crib.
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