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4T and WIPs

I learned a new Trick this week at my knit night!  A fellow knitter was working with a yarn that I just bought to make a purse, and since it’s a different weight yarn from the pattern and an accessory where the gauge doesn’t really matter I asked her what size needles she was using.  Her answer shocked me, she was using a size 6 AND size 7 tips  on her interchangeables.

I gave her a look like that said “are you out of your mind!?” but instead I said outloud, “That’s weird.”

Wrong answer.

Like most sassy knitters she said it’s not weird at all and went on to explain that she is a tight knitter – I thought, “Well so am I, but I have never ever done anything so bizarre!” – and that her purl stitches are even tighter than her knit stitches, so to get gauge she uses the larger needle on the wrong side when she has to purl.

My. Jaw. Dropped.  GENIUS!!! Why hadn’t I thought of that before.  Made perfect sense once it was explained.  Doesn’t it?  I hope this trick helps some of you out there, I might have to try it out one day to see if it helps my gauge.

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