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Massachusetts Sheep & Woolcraft Fair

On May 26th I went to another small fiber festival, The Massachusetts Sheep & Woolcraft Fair.  This is definitely one of the advantages of living in New England; with so many states close together and long winters there are plenty of Fiber Festivals taking place.  I actually missed the New Hamsphire one and chose to skip the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival, since I had been to it so many times before.  It was a quick drive, about 2 hours, to go to this festival and worth the drive.  I discovered some great local yarns, I only wish I had the budget to buy everything that I craved. I ended up with four skeins of Sporty by Spunky Eclectic two pinks, two grays, all very vibrant colors.  I plan on making the Duotone Cowl by Orange Flower Yarn with them… unless something else comes along.  I also got three skeins of fingering weight yarn to practice steeking on a baby jacket.  I’m excited to start that project, but I want to finish some of the ones I am currently working on plus I have a few more baby gifts to make. Here are some of the photos of this great festival, I can’t wait to go again next year!!!


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Fresh Off the Needles: Baby Items

I’ve finished two baby projects recently: a cap for a friend who is due this month and the Baby Surprise Jacket for my little guy.

My friend doesn’t know if she is having a boy or a girl, so I chose a gender neutral aqua from my stash to make this cute little hat.  Silly me though, I added the pompom to give it a nice finishing touch, but didn’t realize that by doing so it no longer was machine washable since it would likely fall apart in a second.


Pattern: Foolproof Baby Hat            Designer: Clara Parkes                              Book: The Knitter’s Book of Yarn           Yarn: Cascade 220


This was my first try at making Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Baby Surprise Jacket and having done a few other patterns designed by her, I am a fan of her awesomeness.  I also loved the yarn that I found at the Connecticut Sheep and Wool Festival, Lismi Knit a local dyer here in CT.  It’s a superwash worsted weight that created a self striping rainbow, check out her Etsy shop if you’re interested: The combination of the pattern and the yarn was pure bliss.  Unfortunately I did run out of yarn with just a few rows to go, so I added a few rows with some white yarn from my stash.  I made the last few rows with bobbles to make it look like clouds, I wasn’t sure if it was tacky or cute, but only one person in my knit night group said it was tacky, the others all thought it was cute so I stuck with it.  Just gotta block it and add the zipper so it can  be considered done.

I am also happy to announce that the sweater that I started before I knew I was pregnant will fit after all and I am making a lot of progress on it.  Look:

Pretty Heritage

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