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Get Well Soon Needles

Over the past year my hubby and I started a new tradition,  where I show him knitting items I want and he buys them (or sometimes I do and hand it over to him), but has the say so on when he will gift it to me. A few months back my LYS had my favorite glass knitting needles on the 50% off bin and I “encouraged” him to buy me three out of the four pairs.  Last night he gave me the last pair (size 13 on 40in cables) because I have been struggling with a cold for over a week.  I squealed,  yes I did! A squeal of pure joy! I have been thinking about these needles for a while now because I wanted them to make a baby blanket for our son.  Now I just gotta figure out what pattern to cast on.  I’m so excited!


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Hibernating Flower Shawelette Finally Blooms!

I have not done many lace projects, and in December 2011 I was overwhelmed with three different WIPs on my needles! Something had to give and so I put aside the Petal Shawelette Designed by Bonnie Evans (Book: Sock Yarn One-Skein Wonders) to hibernate into my craft closet “for the winter”… HA! Years later and that shawl made a cross country move before it ever saw the light of day again.

Earlier this year my lovely new LYS offered a WIP Help class and I decided it was now or never for this shawlette. I didn’t know where I got stuck or why my stitch count wasn’t adding up, so I went for a little help. All it took to keep this shawl moving forward was a closer reading of the instructions. Turns out all I was doing wrong was not following the pattern. I thought that after Chart B I had to move onto Chart C, when in fact I needed to repeat Chart B! Once that was made clear by one of the knowledgeable and thorough staff of my LYS, I zoomed through the pattern happy as can be that it was finally starting to look like the photo in the book.

Of course I was also working on a few different projects and with a new baby, this shawl took a few more months to be completed. But complete it, I did!! I finished the leaf edging over the past week while sick in bed with a horrendous sinus cold. Now it is blocked and I just have to debut it!

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