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Container Gardening Fail, Canning Success

on December 2, 2014

It finally started to snow here in Connecticut and I thought now would be the right time to see what progress my carrots made in their container. As you can see from the photos below, the answer is zilch.


I didn’t have much luck with container gardening, except for some herbs and my little lemon tree. Just enough to grab a bottle of Dominican rum and make myself a delicious mojito. Not very cost effective, to tell you the truth, but I am still determined to make this work. I am going to clear out the dirt from my containers and when Spring comes I am going to try again. I just have to pick the right crop to plant.

Thankfully, my husband and I joined a CSA from a local farm and got a TON of winter vegetables. Comparing the carrots from the farm to the ones in my container gardening, is just pathetic and completely unfair. But essentially, that is my goal. I didn’t start out as a great knitter, I am not going to start out as a great gardener. So I get a learning curve for a few planting seasons, right?

What I am doing pretty well is canning. My husband gave me a canning book for my birthday and so I took the farm carrots and made them into Asian pickled carrots. They also became: carrot ginger soup, baby food, carrot cake, and part of a delicious vegetable ragu. I can’t wait to try some recipes with whatever vegetables we get in December!


One response to “Container Gardening Fail, Canning Success

  1. Oo very exciting 😀 We grew some tiny little carrots just like that! They are so cute!


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