Everything else can wait until I finish this row…

Knitting Hiatus

Every so often it just happens, I loose my desire to knit. {GASP!} It’s shocking, but true. I still have my blue sweater and colorwork purse WIPs which have had very little progress over the last few months. I would blame it on the weather, but I can’t do that, it’d be a lie. You’d think all of these crazy snowstorms we’ve been having in Connecticut would actually motivate me to knit!

Truth is I am currently distracted and very anxious about an upcoming change – more on that once all is said and done. I usually turn to knitting to deal with my stress, but I cannot seem to focus on it. I am jittery and twitching, so my hands can’t work a stitch and my mind cannot concentrate on a pattern – not even the stockinette of the blue sweater! I haven’t been going regularly to my knit night either, so that’s not helping matters. Hopefully that all changes soon…

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