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I’M BACK! Back in a knitting groove!

Yes, I am back! The reason for my absence? We’ve moved … again. But this time, we’ve moved in-state, to our very own home!! That is the change that I hinted at in my last post, we’re homeowners now and things couldn’t be better, or scarier, or busier.

There was a lot of nerves and anxiety and excitement until the end of the winter when we finally put pen to paper and closed the deal on our new home. We are thrilled and there has been a lot happening as we transform our ugly duckling house into our beautiful swan home. The master bath got gutted, carpet was pulled, plants were trimmed, walls were painted, and a war between myself and 1970s wallpaper is in full swing. This means that my little blog here will expand a little bit more as well, as I hope to share with you some of the transformations (we attempt) to make our home.

Despite all of that I managed to get some knitting done. I finished knitting the colorwork purse and started the second sleeve of the blue sweater! I decided that I was going to keep those two WIPs out so when I needed a break from the stress of buying a house I would have one of those projects available to work on. Despite my jitters and twitches, this helped me complete the purse. Look at how beautifully it came out:




Now, obviously I haven’t had a chance to block it or line it yet, but once I clear a few boxes and have some visable floor space, I’ll block it out. As for the lining of the purse, I plan to do it with my brand spanking new sewing machine! YEAH!! Because if anyone else needs another hobby, it’s me.

I received it in the mail a few weeks ago and it is still in its box. I still have no idea how to work it, I haven’t been properly taught to use one since 8th grade Home Economics when I made lopsided shorts. The plan is to sign up for a 101 class at JoAnn’s, have a little one-on-one time with a friend from my knit group, and maybe get a Craftsy Class too. But I do plan to be a little less selft-taught and a little bit more instructed with sewing than I was with knitting. I feel like I will need more guidance with a sewing machine than I did with the needles and hook. We shall see…

So lots more to come here at Procrastaknit. Maybe I’ll become more Procrastasew, or ProcrastaDIY Home Improvement Weekend Warrior! HA! We’ll see what happens.

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