Everything else can wait until I finish this row…

105 Cubic Feet

That is the space of my new craft closet in our sunroom.  I am excited to get that up in working order – Pinterest has shown me so many wonderful possibilities!  I don’t know if I’ll be able to pull off the look that I have pinned like this one from Craft Storage Ideas (how perfect is that little set up?!?) but I am going to try.

Essentially that is the space I have, but a lot of it is height.  So I am going to have to find a way to arrange it in an inspiring and functional manner.


Lots of potential for crafty organization

 Besides my vast knitting stash and library, I’ve also acquired a sewing machine and table.  I haven’t even dipped my toe in that pool yet, because the machine is still in it’s box and the table is buried under moving boxes in the garage.  The challenge will be once I learn how to use it, is how to do I use it?  For my knitting I know what yarns I want to use on my next projects and which are just perfectly preserved for petting and which are just left overs for a provisional cast on.  I know what my tendencies are for that hobby, I don’t know how I will embrace sewing.

The next dilemma is the actual storage solutions.  I found an old library card catalog and a small drawer cabinet at a yard sale a few weekends ago.  I don’t know how I’ll use them, but I know they have a very specific purpose just waiting to be utilized in my future craft closet.  I have the shoe organizer that when I set it up in Virginia made me feel like I had my own personal little LYS – I should put that back to use.  I have the two bookcases that I used at our old apartment before moving here, which wasn’t very organized but it contained a lot of my supplies.  I know I want to get a peg board, because that seems like it would be useful.  I’m not sure about a chalk board, I feel like a cork board would be more practical for how I function.  And I should get a bookshelf for all my books and magazines and loose patterns.

Holy crap, there is a lot to get excited and/or overwhelmed about with all the necessities and possibilities of this space.  I am going to try and stay excited about this place, putting the rest of the house in order is overwhelming, but this is going to become my 105 Cubic Feet of Crafty Bliss.

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Off Topic: Peeling Wallpaper, Painting, Pulling Carpets and Putting Down Bamboo

It’s been a busy week here at the Ugly Duckling Ranch, but that’s to be expected with the kind of transformation we’re making here.

My war with wallpaper continues. In my excitement to start Operation Beautiful Swan, I made the rookie mistake of peeling a little bit here, a little bit there, a little bit in that corner, a little bit back at the beginning. It’s like when you’re in between manicures and you’re chipping away at your nail polish. You notice a little bit of the nail showing in one finger and then the cuticle is more noticeable on the other hand, and before you know it the beautiful manicure you had gotten over the weekend has been damaged in every single one of your fingers. And it just looks messy. That’s the status of my house right now. All the walls that have wallpaper on it have a little bit of it ripped up and it looks really messy.

I had finished removing the wallpaper border that was in the Master bedroom a while ago and decided to focus my efforts on the dining room next. But I called for reinforcements and was happy when a friend of mine came through with her promise to come and help. When you ask for a guy friend to help you move, you offer beer and a pizza. When you ask a girl friend to help you remove wallpaper, you offer a homemade tempura dinner. My hubby, prepared a wonderful meal to get us energized and my friend stayed until image



There is still wallpaper to remove in the dining room, but relative to the kitchen, it’s not much since it only has three walls, three doorways, a window and the wallpaper is all above theimage


rail. I had hoped to get it painted before our bamboo floors get installed tomorrow, because I don’t care much about dripping paint on this hideously filthy carpet, but that’s just not going to happen. Hopefully, it will be done by the end of the month, but if you’ve read some of my previous posts you know me and deadlines don’t mix very well.

What did get painted was the master bedroom aimage

nd bath!

We painted Soybean’s room ourselves and all I can say is that the couple that paints a room together … …. … is lucky to come out alive! Seriously, I am NOT a happy painter. For whatever reason, I become a Type A personality when painting, I can see all the brushstrokes, all the heavy globs dripping down, all the white marks that weren’t properly blended, all the spots on the ceiling, and many imaginary iimage


Props to my hubby for dealing with this unexpected side of me and coming through with his promise to have our bedroom professionally painted. Since it’s summer the painter we hired could only come on a rainy day since all of his current projects are outdoors, lucky for us, it rained four days after we reached this arrangement. Yay for rainy days! And a bigger YAY for hiring professional painters!

Once the room was painted and the smell of it aired out, I turned my attention to the closet. The same filthy carpet was in there covering the floor of my closet – the beautiful hardwood that runs down the hallway and the two smaller bedrooms. Sadly, that wood is not in my bedroom, that will have to be another day’s work of installation. So while Soybean took his morning nap I got busy pulling up the carpet, nails and staples. For that I needed some specialty tools including: a doohickey, a thingamabob, and a whatchamacallit image

The doohickey was to pry the staples from the floor, the thinkamabob was to actually pull it out, and the whatchamacallit was to pull up the nailed down trim. Pretty soon my closet had it’s beautiful floor and fresh coat of paint, all that is left to do is fill it up!

Now it’s late and I too excited about the prospect of having new floors in my living, dining and sun rooms! I cannot wait to be rid of all this carpet for good and actually start getting settled in our home. But before anything happens I have to navigate through breakfast tomorrow morning with a train table in front of the stove.

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