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Tree of Life and Thousand Oaks

I am so sick and tired of seeing our flags at half-mast so frequently because of another mass shooting.   It’s hard to think of what to write when so much has already been said by those who are much more eloquent than I in expressing their anger, frustration, fear, hurt, and so many more emotions that pierce us whenever the news hits and our flags are lowered again.

I tend to go numb now.  It takes me at least a day to sort through the emotions.  I see the headline once and then I shut down the news because I don’t want to go through the cycle of “how many victims?” “thoughts and prayers are with the survivors and families” “the shooter was a troubled individual” “a good guy with a gun could’ve prevented it”

That is when craftivism comes into help heal just a little bit.  Crafters come together and create.  The goal is to embrace a devastated community and shower them with kindness; to remind them that good people do outnumber the bad; to show that Love does conquer Hate.

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Technicolor Hat

The sweater with the beautiful green yarn I casted on for my kiddo is on hold. Every time we went to my LYS he kept pulling different colored skeins off the shelf and saying he wanted me to add it to his sweater. I want to please him, but I also want to knit a sweater that will look good on him and not make my eyeballs bleed.  So I quickly made him a hat from a skein of Yarn Hygge’s SW Merino, that colorful yarn I got at Rhinebeck. It looks really small, but a simple rib pattern on bulky weight yarn and it even fits me!





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