Everything else can wait until I finish this row…

About Me

Over the last few years my knitting and crochet hobbies have become a way of life. I’m as happy shopping for yarn as I am shopping for shoes!  I am currently married to a man that I love,  who not only tolerates my yarn addiction but encourages me to pursuit it further.   Living with us is Rooney, a little Cairn Terrier who is filling our lives with joy and a lot of barking.

I am an instant gratification knitter.  I like quick projects, because I like to see the results almost as soon as I cast on.  Generally speaking this is the cause of my Procrastaknitting problem.   I have made some time consuming projects like beaded cowls, intarsia baby blankets, adult sized sweaters, and a scarf that is over 100 inches; but those can take months and sometimes they hibernate for over a year in the black hole of my craft closet.   It is when I have those projects nagging at me that I get the need to procrastaknit with a quick project like a dog sweater, or a beanie, or a bag.

2 responses to “About Me

  1. michellemybbelle says:

    gorgeous yarns on the Brazil yarn crawl. I like the idea of a “knit cafe”.

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  2. Lisa Bargueno says:

    Am grateful for your blog… I didn’t think I’d find a yarn shop in Sao Paolo but thanks to you I’m going to check out the one you wrote about next week! I guess I’m doing a yarn crawl!
    Muita obrigada,
    Lisa Bargueno de San Clemente , CA

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