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Blog Terminology

Here are a few knitting terminologies and abbreviations that I use in my blog

  • Bi-Stitchual – A crafter that knits and crochets without any discrimination
  • CAL – Crochet Along, when two or more crochetters agree to make the same patterns for themselves
  • DPNs – Double Pointed Needles, often used for knitting socks, sleeves and/or hats
  • FO – Finished Objects, projects that have been completed with yarn ends woven in and blocked
  • 4T – Tips, Tricks and Technique Thursday, a feature of my blog where I share with my readers some of my knowledge
  • Frogging – When a crafter rips out all of their stitches to start over or to start a new project with the same yarn
    • This term evolved because you “rip it, rip it” which sounds similar to the sound of a frog “ribbit, ribbit”
  • Hibernation – A project that has been cast aside and not worked on for an extended period of time
  • KAL – Knit Along, when two or more knitters agree to make the same pattern for themselves
  • Knitting Circle – A group of crafters that get together at an agreed upon time and location to knit, crochet, or spin in a social setting. Also known as Knit Nights or just Circle.
  • Life Line – The use of scrap yarn temporarily woven into a lace project to hold stitches in case you need to go back and fix your mistake
  • LYS – Local Yarn Store, an interdependently owned shop that sells quality yarns
  • Procrastaknit – see Definition tab
  • Ravelry – A free website for the knitting and crochet community
    • Queue – a feature of Ravelry where a member can list the project that he/she intends to cast on in the future
  • Stash – A collection of yarn to be used in future projects or compiled simply for the sake of yarn
  • Tink – Knit spelled backwards, this is when you undo your stitches to go back and fix a mistake
  • WIP – Work In Progress, projects that are currently on my needles (or hook)
  • Yarn Addict – A crafter that cannot live without yarn and is so consumed with fiber crafts they might start a blog about it
  • Yarn Crawl – Visiting various local yarn shops during a trip or within a day
  • Yarn Diet – A difficult period for Yarn Addicts when they cannot purchase any yarn or fiber related items
  • Yarn Enabler – A crafter who encourages a Yarn Addict to buy more yarn without any regards to Yarn Diet, these people are often part of your knitting circle or they work at a LYS
  • Yarn Snob – A crafter that prefers natural fibers (i.e. wool) over synthetic ones (i.e. acrylic)

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