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Fresh off the needles – November Socks

Here are the socks that I took with me during the drive down to Atlanta, GA and back.

  • Pattern: Varsity
  • Designer:  Melissa Morgan-Oakes
  • Source:  2-at-a-time Socks (Storey Publishing, LLC, December 2007)
  • Yarn: Ambiente by Schoppel-Wolle
  • Needles: #3

I’m so proud of my Kitchener Stitch!


Practice does make perfect, my heels have improved considerably since the first pair I did back in January 2012


I love how a self stripping yarn does all the work of making a plain vanilla pattern look so great!

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I’ve procrastaknitted long enough, this is the beginning!

Here I am! Wow, I can’t believe I am finally doing this, I guess I have procrastaknitted long enough and it was time I got this done.

So what does it mean to Procrastaknit and how did this term come about?


[proh-kras-tuh-nit]  verb, pro·cras·ti·knit·ted, pro·cras·ta·knit·ing.

  1. To defer in action by working on a knitted project; delay in non-fiber related activities by working on a knitted projected instead : Mom spent the afternoon procrastaknitting, that’s why dinner isn’t ready yet. 
  2. To avoid frustration by working on a different project instead of  finishing another : Not understanding why she didn’t have the right number of stitches, she chose to procrastaknit with on a different project instead.
  3. To skip making a swatch and start the project right away without checking gauge : Because she procrastaknitted on her gauge, her double-knitted hat is now big enough to be a cowl! 


[proh-kras-tuh-nit-ter] noun, pro·cras·ti·knit·ter

  1. a fiber artist who prioratizes knitting above all else
  2. a person who chooses to perfect his/her craft instead of dealing with mundane things
Winter 2011 – 2012;  One day my husband called me from work and asked what I was doing, I answered that I had procrastinated on completing a chore and instead he heard that I had procrastaknitted.  We laughed at the misunderstanding and the term stuck with us.
At the time I actually lucked out and was working at a Local Yarn Shop (LYS), something that helped me realize how passionate I really am about this craft.   For one thing I never thought I’d go back into retail, but working at this LYS didn’t feel like work – it felt wonderful! I enjoyed petting the new inventory as I priced and put away the new skeins of yummy yarn.    I didn’t loose my patience teaching new knitters the how or why of a new technique; I was actually proud of  seeing them learn it.  It was fun being in an atmosphere of other like-minded individuals.
It was amazing that I was earning a pay check for doing something that I enjoyed.   I embraced that experience and my husband saw the effect that it had on me.   We realized that knitting was no longer just a hobby for me, it has become a lifestyle and I want to thrive in it.  We spent hours and hours and hours just talking about how I could pursue it, what I’d like to do with it, and how far can I really take it.
  • I want to continue working in a fiber related field
  • I want to become a certified Master Knitter
  • I want to advance my crochet skills
  • I want to learn how to spin
  • I want to the many different ways of felting
  • I want to try dying my own yarn
  • I want to design my own patterns
  • I want to own a LYS
This blog is the start of that journey.

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