Everything else can wait until I finish this row…

Hello, it’s me…

… I’m in Connecticut knitting, with new yarn very happily.

HA!  Nothing like a little Adele parody to start off the new year right?  I have so much to share too!

Yes, I have been lacking on posting, but I was creating a Pinterest-worthy birthday party for my 2 year old; who proceeded to get sick with Coxsackie (aka hand-foot-and-mouth); which my husband got; then my brother-in-law got when we traveled to California (we thought we were over it when we boarded the plane) for Thanksgiving; followed by a few short weeks at home recuperating; then having a low-key Christmas; before getting on a plane to travel to the other side of the world so my son could meet his great-grandparents; before coming home just a few days ago to battle jetlag and a blizzard.  That would keep anyone busy, right?

I plan to write a separate post on the Under the Sea themed birthday party and our trip to Japan. For now, I’ll keep this post short just by showing you the photos of the knitted projects I have completed in the past three months, so that we can get back to our sharing our love of knitting.

I managed to do two Christmas Stockings – one for my husband and one for my son – by December 25th.  I have to finish two more by this December. The bottom left pattern is Foliage by Emilee Mooney from; but I think I am going to have to frog it.   The Ecolã Hand Painted yarn I got from Brazil a few years ago isn’t a good match for this pattern, the thick and thin texture and the beautiful colors take away from the lace pattern.  The cowl on the bottom right is the Bee Keeper’s Cowl by Grace Ahkrem (free download on Ravelry) – with two bulky yarns it is really warm and perfect for New England winters.

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!!  I hope you’ve had a fantastic holiday season and that the new year has started out in a positive way for you.  Personally, I had a quite Xmas and an exciting New Year’s Eve, which is just how I like the end of the year to be.

Xmas was just spent at home with my husband, and as you know I was working on a sweater for him as a gift.  Despite my knitting marathon, I did not finish his hoodie in time, when we exchanged gifts he ended up receiving a one arm sweater:

One Arm Sweater (2)

That’s just me living up to my blogging name, I am terrible with knitting deadlines!  But I did finish it in time for New Year’s Eve, I got that second sleeve done really nicely… except for the cuff.  In my excitement to cast-off I did the cuff in a 1×1 ribbing, instead of the 2×1 rib pattern used at the hem and first sleeve.  That’s also typical of me, I get so excited to finish off a project that I make stupid mistakes.   Thankfully its an easy fix and my husband has a good sense of humor.

His gifts to me were knitting related, the man knows what I like.  He got me a little jar that has a little needle-yielding ninja saying “don’t mess with the yarn fund” and a button that says “Working on my PhD (Projects Half Done) in Knitting”.   There is also the shoe rack converted to yarn storage, he made it sturdy and cleaned it up nicely for me to be able to store my yarn.  I just haven’t gotten to that yet because I am unsure how I want to lay out the yarns in there; part of me wants to put only sock yarn in there, or maybe yarns for which I have projects queued on Ravelry, or just stuff whatever fits!  When I come up with the best way to utilize that shelf I’ll be sure to share it.

The other project that I was rushing to finish was the beaded lace shawl to wear to my friend’s wedding on December 30th.  I finished on the 28th and was all ready to block it open on the 29th when disaster struck – the yarn snagged in 3 different rows!

Lace Shawl Snag

I could have cried, but chose to curse instead!  After I got over my horror I spent all morning on the 29th with my crochet hook trying my best to pull the stitches back in place in a manner that matched my gauge.  Once I completed that, I blocked it and stood over it with a hair dryer to make sure it would be ready for the wedding the next day, and it was!

Lace Shawl Worn (2)

I know that’s not the best photo to showcase the shawl (I snatched it from my friend’s FB page) I’ll get a close up of it with my camera another time.

I swear that getting these two projects done in time for major events has left me burned out.  We are a week into 2013 and I have hardly knitted anything this year.  I need to get my knitting mojo back on track and soon!

(End Part 1, decided that this year I gotta keep my posts shorter)

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End of the Year Knitting Delusion

Xmas is next week and I still have to finish my husband’s sweater – ACK!  I am no good with knitting deadlines (terrible actually), but I am hopeful to get this sweater done in time.  At the time of this post , I have just finished seaming one shoulder and I swear that I will not go to sleep until I have the other should seamed as well.    That leaves only the sleeves and the hoodie to complete and with a bulky yarn, that actually seems plausible to me.  (I hope I haven’t just jinxed myself.)

The work of mischievous Knitting Elves

The work of mischievous Knitting Elves

If anything prevents me from finishing this sweater in time it will be my need to Procrastaknit.  Because I am trying to keep the final look of this sweater a surprise from my husband until Xmas morning, I casted on a pair of socks to work on when he’s home (and to count towards  my 2012 New Year’s Knitting Resolution).   But the knitting elves around my house didn’t like that idea so much and gave me a really hard time with winding up the yarn.  I am using Dream In Color Smooshy for these socks and on my first attempt to divide the skein into two balls created a tangled mess on my winder.  I am not sure how it happened, but it wrapped around the bottom of the winder’s base.  To fix that mess I had to recruit the hubby, and together we dealt with the yarn barf that ensued.  It took us a few minutes, but we got the yarn under control and I was able to start the 2-at-a-time socks while we watched the newest version of Casino Royale.

As if a new pair of socks weren’t enough to keep me from finishing his sweater, last week I worked on the last beaded row of my lace shawl.  This is the pattern I worked on during my cross country drive (I don’t recommend beaded lace projects on roadtrips) and then couldn’t find the beads after unpacking the move.  All that’s left to that project is the short row shaping and blocking to show off the lace work.   I hope to get this project done in time to wear it to a friend’s wedding on 12/30.

And then all of a sudden, the idea that I should knit something for me to wear on New Year’s Eve popped into my head yesterday afternoon after an unsuccessful shopping trip.  I keep thinking of how the New Lace Tunic, a crochet pattern by Lion Brand, would look great in the beautiful yellow yarn I got on my Cross Country Yarn Crawl.   And crochet works up quickly, so I can get that done by the 31st, right?  If not that, at least a quick cap inspired by the Lion Brand’s Russian Faux Fur Hat (publication is out of print, but you can see it on Ravelry).  I am not one for using Fun Fur yarn, but I have a skein of Plume by Prism Yarns, that is just super soft.

Then there are the other two hats that I have in the works.  One is for my husband’s colleague who commissioned a cap shaped like a brain.  The basic hat is done, now I just have a TON of I-cord to knit and attach to make it look like a brain (new car project).  The other is a hat that I want to make for my dad so that he has something to keep him warm while he is in New York in January.    Well, I haven’t started on that one yet, but it is on the back of my mind as one that I need to get going on.  Thankfully, these two can wait until after the holidays to be completed, I just have to stay focused on this sweater!


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